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So you want to be an instructor?

The Full Story

The firearms industry added millions of new gun owners over the last few years.  Those new gun owners are set for and need quality training.  As a company we saw with selecting our own instructors a need to create a program to properly select and train prospective instructors.  This is the program.

It is very easy for a prospective instructor to take an instructor course, but are they really ready to lead a class or teach a student.  Often time the instructor is as much of a coach as they are a teacher.  A quality instructor will understand the difference and identify when to switch between the two.

Our program will help guide you from start to finish and help provide you a solid foundation to become an effective and professional instructor.

Set yourself apart from other instructors in your area by being certified with the nationally recognized USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor Certification.

This course is the gold standard for law abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry permits.

This course will qualify you to teach...

  • Developing a personal and home protection plan

  • Self-Defense firearms basics

  • Basic and Advanced shooting fundamentals

  • The legal use of force

  • Violent encounters and aftermath

  • Gear and Gadget selection


Don't just Take our word for it.


MIchael M.

"Brad did a phenomenal job of conveying the information to the class. He was clear and concise, and was able to answer questions posed by the students. I would recommend going to Brad for this course to anyone without a doubt. You are getting what you pay for from him, and you can tell there is a huge level of enthusiasm to teach behind him."

Robert F.

"Brad Amick from Carolina Tactical Training ran a great two day instructor course. His engaging delivery of the materials was on point, and his background and years of experience combined to reach everyone in the room."

Ethan L.

"Great class. Five out of Five Bullets. Also excellent coverage on wide range of critical topics plus great opportunity to tailored yourself to be a better teacher/ instructor. Highly recommend."

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